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A Guide to Cabinet Painting

When it comes to cabinet painting, it is highly recommended that you work with a professional cabinet painter. By doing so, you know that you will have the results you are expecting when the project is done. The said task must not be put in your DIY list for the materials are expensive; something you don’t want to mess up with. Furthermore, average individuals can’t simply match the knowledge and experience that a cabinet painter has from watching YouTube videos. In the next lines, you are going to learn about the tasks performed by these professionals.

Number 1. Providing professional advice – if you need advice on the best approach to get your cabinet painting done, then these people can make it happen. You won’t feel any worries when working with such professional because you will be getting updates from time to time.

Number 2. Choose your primer wisely – with regards to choosing a paint primer, it will mostly depend on the surface that you are planning to paint on. It must be tinted to the top coat color and if the surface is stained or dark, then the top coat would be visible through its original finish. However, when it comes to the selection of waterborne or solvent-borne primers, make sure that you relay it to the pros.

Number 3. Painting kitchen cabinet – alkyd paint as well as acrylic enamel paint are the go-to options when it comes to painting. There are water based paints at the same time that can be cleaned with water. When using oil base paints thought, there is a possibility for your lungs to get sick and irritated for it has solvent. This is another win for hiring professionals because they have the tools to not be compromised by these chemicals and keep working efficiently and complete the job on the deadline. Now, in the event that you are after for durable and hard paint-finish, then it will be highly recommended to go for alkyd option.

Well, regardless of your paint option, professional paint contractor will ensure that the paint has lasting finish.

Number 4. Get rid of hardware – with this, it is going to include drawers, shelves and doors as well. This is automatic for cabinet painters. One of the effective ways of painting your cabinets is by removing the cabinet doors and drawers. Painting over the hardware like hinges and handles will affect how the cabinet functions.

You certainly don’t want to be stuck doing these things so it is smart if you are going to hire a professional cabinet painter to get the job done.

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